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'Emotion' is N.L.B's first central theme of his 2022 collection. It aims to capture the expression of the psyche in the real world, using photography as a journalistic archive of everyday experience and emotion.


Whether a beautiful landscape of a sunset or of a dark and rainy day, Nathan is on a quest to eternalise the moments of alienation, melancholy, tranquillity and joy that we live and breathe every day.



This gallery is a showcase of the euphoric joy of life, capturing the purest moments of light that brighten up our lives and makes everything worthwhile.



This gallery eternalises the moments in our lives where, for once, we can finally breathe and savour the serene bliss of the present moment.



This is gallery captures melancholia in the world around us, journalling those days that we feel lost and low in life. 



This gallery captures the nihilistic shadow of the psyche and the landscapes of hopelessness, loneliness and isolation. 

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