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Illuminated Truth - A Poem

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

In the whistling wind that soothes my soul,

I hear faint, forgotten voice, long gone

Like leaves, they blow away, away, away

Until I can no longer hear their calls

Here, gazing at the big blue sky above,

I see God’s own painting of beauty

Like an illusive dream, my ego fades

Until I am but one with the wide world.

In the floating white clouds that watch afar,

I see God’s brush of idyllic beauty

Like pillows of the Heavens, they surround

Until your presence above brings peace.

Here, bathing in rays of the Golden God,

I feel the comfort of His shining love

Like a child of goodness, life’s joy comes forth

Until I am present in gold glory.

In the swooping songs of blue birds so free,

I hear the melodies of life and death

Like the prowling owl up high, I see all

Until I see illuminated Truth.

- N.L.B. 19/04/2021

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