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Nothing Was Ever The Same

The shimmering sun shone through the window

and woke us once again to paradise

as we promised we would never let go.

Outside, sweet-scented roses bloomed anew

and the bluebirds sang soft songs of Summer

to the fluttering of love as they flew.

Laying next to me, skin on skin, you gazed

softly into my soul with your wide eyes

as blue as the bright Summer sky outside.

Your shining eyes sang a hundred love songs;

our silent hearts became sweet words of dreams

and our soft souls danced as we fell in love

and yet, as the sun rose and set again

and again, we woke up further apart

to a raging storm and pattering rain.

Outside, crumbling leaves fell from the trees

as the light of our love in the sky died

and the chill of winter froze our hard hearts.

The curtains blocked out the stars and moonlight.

"I cannot do this anymore" you cried,

with an ocean between us on the bed.

The harsh sun shone through the dirty window

and woke us once again to Hell on Earth

as we came to know we need to let go.

The red roses of our love soon wilted

and their poor petals blew through the wild wind

like the lost pieces of our broken hearts.

Our sweet words became silence.

Nothing was ever the same.

- N.L.B. 04/01/2022

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