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'Reality' is N.L.B's third and final central theme of his 2022 collection.

It aims to capture the complexities and vastness of the world in which we live, focusing on the study of civilization, society and the natural world.

Following on from 'Emotion' and 'Surrealism', 'Reality' is not limited to any emotion or genre. It captures the freedom and tranquillity of wildlife, documents and eternalises historical landmarks, and brings to light the contrast of nature to the new world of urbanisation and decay.



'Wildlife' is an album dedicated to capturing the natural beauty and grace of Earth's many species.



'Urbanisation' is dedicated to capturing the shapes and sights of the modern age and studying the effects of urbanisation on our psyche and society. 

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'Landmarks' is dedicated to capturing the history that surrounds us, from local heritage landmarks to national monuments.

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