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'Surrealism' is N.L.B's second central theme of his 2022 collection. It aims to express the unconscious mind through the world around us, focussing not on the objective but instead capturing the subjective senses of the individual through experimental photography.

Following the previous theme of 'Emotion', Nathan strives to reflect repressed thoughts and feelings through surrealist photography while also fleshing out a way to express the deeper levels of reality that are a mystery to us all, such as the dream-like nature of life and the familiarity of liminality.



'Alienation' is an album that studies our subconscious identities and our place in the world, focussing on repressed feelings of alienation and isolation.

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'Liminality' is an album dedicated to reflecting the transitory nature of time, space and reality, capturing the surreal familiarity of the journey of life.

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'Dreamscapes' is an album dedicated to capturing the surreal, dream-like nature of reality. The first edition focuses on the dream-like nature of nostalgic serenity.

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